Oh, hi there. Welcome to Teach Me Tiger Podcast, a semi-educational comedy chatcast that’s gritty, honest, irreverent and often very silly.

Meet Melody and some of her closest friends (and rotating cohosts Liz, Sarah, Chris and Nikki.) Teach Me Tiger explores new topics in conversation with these old pals and their smartest, most experty and/or enthusiastic friends. TMT airs here and on all major podcasting platforms every third Thursday.

Melody Starkweather is a portrait artist and mom of two. She moved back out to the Ottawa Valley after a decade in Toronto, ON, where she studied visual art. She spent many a late night painting and listening to podcasts and thus began her podcast obsession. She co-created, co-hosts and produces the show. 

Liz Cooper is a photographer, wannabe artist, and animal lover. She moved back to her hometown of Kingston, ON, after studying photography in Toronto (where Mel and Liz met). A massive extrovert, Liz started listening to podcasts so that she would always have company, no matter what. She also loves to learn new things, so podcasts are her favourite.

Sarah Wright co-created the show with Melody. Sarah’s a queer tattoo artist, living in the bush with their husband and 4 children. Our good buddy appears in TMT episodes from the first year or so, and occasionally makes an appearance as guest co-host.*

Nikki Rochon Kaiser is a badass mama living in Toronto, ON. She loves Indonesian subculture, sportsing and vintage treasures. Nikki and Melody were roommates, coworkers, and spent every minute together for an entire wild summer in Toronto, so they’re basically the same person.

Chris Chambers is Melody’s Baby Daddy and he likes “to sit quietly and stare at invertebrates while trading pretend money on the internet.”**

*Check out Melody, Liz and Sarah’s visual art at melodystarkweather.ca, www.lizzography.com and instagram.com/justthetiphandpoketattoos respectively.

**Chris Chambers, Episode 32 ‘Buttcoin!’

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