18 – Poke Her? I Hardly Know Her! (Tattoos w/ Falken Norman & Patchy Owl

Well, now that we are 18, Mom can’t stop us from getting inked, or from hanging out with cool tattoo artists. Eat it, Mom! You’re not the boss of me! We sat down with two such cool dudes for this episode: Patchy Owl, a hand poke tattoo artist, and Falken Newton, of Tattoo Machine in Carleton Place, ON. Hear all about how they got started, their worst tattoos, toughest spots to get inked, most memorable experiences, and weirdest requests. And Sarah, the brave warrior that she is, conducts one of these interviews WHILE getting poked! (Get your mind outta the gutter, ya perv. This is a family show. Just kidding! It’s totally pervy.)

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Find Patchy at www.instagram.com/patchy_owl and Falken at www.facebook.com/thetattoomachine. Sarah is at www.instagram.com/littlewrightcrew.art and Melody is at www.melodystarkweather.ca.

We love you, Tigers!

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