19 – Finally Legal to Drink, Yippee! (Party Episode w/ many guests!)

We threw ourselves a Teach Me Tiger 19th (episode) birthday Halloween party and it was the best jam ever. In this partypisode we talk to some party pals about stuff they know and boy oh boy, do we ever learn a lot. Lizzie plugs “editing” and Kids In The Hall (with begloved hands, of course.) Sarah and Anthony are Kung Fu Fighting. Jo talks The Boss and high fashion lifejackets. Annabella refuses to swear like her mother Erin. Jamie built a house! And midwife Amelia has something she wants all the pregnant women out there to know. Oh! And we have a surprise visit from SIEGFRIED/ROY and his frisky Siberian Sandy!!

Thank you to our sponsors, Fieldhouse Perth! They are at 43 Herriott Street, Perth, ON. Open Monday to Saturday 10-3. www.fieldhouseperth.com

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