31 – Absence Makes The Art Grow Fonder (Art Practise w/ Melody Starkweather, Sarah Wright & Liz Cooper)

This episode is bittersweet like dark chocolate and HOT HOT HOT like a ghost pepper. In Episode 31, we introduce Liz Cooper, your new best friend and our new co-host (eeee!!!) as Sarah drops her the mic and heads off to a party and illustrious career with Just The Tip Handpoke Tattooing (weee!!) But don’t worry, she’s only across the street and will still pop in to say hi ALL THE TIME! You’ll be sick of her, we promise!

In Absence Makes The Art Grow Fonder, we get to know all about Liz, Sarah and Melody – photographer, tattooist and painter. We learn of their experience as working artists – how they make it work, how they keep it fun, who inspires them, and how they even manage to bring some money in once in a while. Sometimes. Maybe. If they’re lucky.

You can find Liz at instagram.com/lizzouse or lizzography.com. Sarah is at justthetiphandpoketattoos on Instagram, and Melody is at melodystarkweather.ca.

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