40 – Halloweiner On A Bun (Ghosts w/ Jenna & Kaajuk Kablalik)

We are getting spooky this Halloween with ghost stories from our friends, as well as some spine-chilling stories of our own. We’ve brought in our favourite spooky couple, Jenna and Kaajuk Kablalik (check them out in episode 25, What The Folk?, and also hear Kaajuk in The Dadisode, episode 10.) Oh and Sarah Wright, our former co-host, is sitting in for Liz this week. And by “sit in,” we mean that these harrowing tales made them crap their pants and now they’re sitting in it! This Halloween episode features accounts of haunted institutions, horrible hotels, apartment specters, talking animals and so much more in what’s both a terrifying and hilarious episode. Grab your anti-anxiety meds and adult diapers; you’re in for a real ride!

Find Kaajuk @kaajuk on Instagram and Facebook. Sarah’s on Instagram @justthetiphandpoketattoos, and Melody is at melodystarkweather.ca.

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