42 – Hotel Sleepover Funtime! (Hotel Hauntings/Sleep Facts w/ Katerina Theodorelos & Nikki Rochon Kaiser)

What do you get when you put three adult women and BFFs in a Days Inn to catch up over Prosecco? F*cking hilarity! And some fun facts! Melody and her old (but obviously very young and hot) Toronto roommates Katerina Theodorelos (of Episode 1) and Nikki Rochon Kaiser (of Episode 33) got together, mic’ed up, and just had the best time ever. Although Kat fell asleep (cause there’s always one that falls asleep at the slumber party) she managed first to tell us some wild and crazy stories about happenings in hotels – celebrity and civilian. Nikki talks sleep facts and dispels a nasty internet rumour. Melody tells the girls (well the one that was awake) about haunted hotels. It’s a good one! Perhaps even a little raunchier than normal…because Prosecco. Cheers!

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