44 – My Daddy Is A Ballerina (1960s NYC w/ Justin Starkweather)

This is a special holiday episode, featuring a very special man in Melody’s life: her dad Justin. Justin Starkweather (formerly John) worked in New York City in the late 50s to early 60s as a dancer, actor, film editor, puppeteer and stage-manager. He was a member of the original Camelot lineup on Broadway, with Julie Andrews and Richard Burton, and also rubbed elbows with many other successful performers. In this episode, he paints us a picture of a very different life and time. He tells us about some of his more famous connections, his legendary $60/month apartments, numerous burglaries, scary run-ins, his full dating calendar and his absolute love of dance. Hop on board the Justin train and come with us to 1960s NYC!

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