49 – We Are Killin’ It (The Zodiac Killer & Charles Starkweather w/ Melody & Liz)

This one might have you covered for your commute and back. It’s a little lengthy but SO totally worth it. Liz Cooper is back with Melody Starkweather and they’re covering two completely fascinating true crime stories: The Zodiac Killer, a bizarre and compelling Bay Area serial killer case that’s gone completely cold AND Charles Starkweather, the rampage killing James Dean lookalike who murdered 11 people and 2 dogs with his 14-year-old girlfriend in the winter of ’57/’58. We’ve gone full Murderino here and we’re not ashamed to admit it. WE LOVE YOU KAREN AND GEORGIA! Hold yer butts, this one’s a wild ride.

DISCLAIMER: this episode covers murder and violent crimes. Listen with discretion.

Find Liz on Instagram @lizzouse and her website is lizzography.com. Melody is at melodystarkweather.ca.

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