50 – PieCast! (Pi Day Party w/ Kassy Boulay & Josh Reil)

It’s The Pie-Cast featuring two of our most experty pie-preneur pals, Kassy Boulay and Josh Reil of the Perth Pie Company. We get the Pi Day party started with the humble pie’s origin story, and then get into some wacky pie facts, favourite pies, pie crust hacks, surprise pies, pie-litical assault pies and more! Grab a slice and join the party, ’cause you are at least 3.14 times more likely to have a deliciously great time with us in your ears than you will without. PIE!

Find the Perth Pie Company at 12 Gore St E, in beautiful Perth, ON, Canada. They are online at perthpieco.ca and on insta @perthpieco.

This episode was brought to you by Just The Tip handpoke tattoos. Thank you, JTT! Find them at justthetiphandpoketattoos.com or on insta @justthetiphandpoketattoos.

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