56 – Evil Geniuses? (Roman Polanski and Leni Riefenstahl w/ Melody & Liz)

Melody and Liz are back at it, nerding out on another research project for your listening pleasure. This week we’re talking about some seriously problematic filmmakers: Roman Polanski, Leni Riefenstahl and even a touch of the Woody Allen. Undeniably talented, they all have experienced huge levels of success in their careers. Polanski (and Allen) have gone on to work with A-list actors and receive accolades and major awards still to this day. Leni Riefenstahl, AKA Hitler’s Filmmaker, didn’t make another feature film after the war was over, despite her huge success before and during WW2. There’s a lot to dig into and a lot of for these filmmakers to dig themselves out of.

The Roman Polanski AP Timeline Liz referred to can be found at https://apnews.com/e087fdee79e74caf99caa27edd8a8887/A-timeline-of-Roman-Polanski’s-4-decade-underage-sex-case

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