59 – Jim McEwen Is Not A Writer (w/ Jim McEwen & Ryan Urquhart)

This week Melody is joined by cohost (and podcast co-creator) Sarah Wright, in conversation with Jim McEwen & Ryan Urquhart. On the semi-educational scale, this rates low. We are mostly just shooting the shit, as they say. We talk a bit about how Jim isn’t a writer, despite doing lots of author-type things. We also surprise Ryan with messages from some of his nearest and dearest wishing him well on his impending move to Western Canada. And we tell some Ryan stories of our own. There’s an egregiously long segment in which we discuss noises that we like to work and/or make love to. We each recount some of our big moves. And by the end of it, we convince Jim to talk about his book, just a little.

You can find Sarah at justthetiphandpoketattoos.com or instagram.com/justthetiphandpoketattoos/

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