68 – So Why Do I Feel Like A Psychopath? (Attachment Theory w/ Viara Mileva)

Viara Mileva, PhD is back, with our good buddy Liz Cooper, to unpack childhood attachment styles, and pontificate on how they affect us and our interpersonal relationships as adults. Viara is wearing her former academic hat (she works now as a photographer,) as she spent years in the lab studying how primary caregivers and small children interacted and bonded (or in some cases, how they didn’t do those things.) We break down the different attachment styles, how they’re formed, and what they mean. We discuss whether one can work around these labels, or even overcome them. We also get into the importance of taking these labels with a grain of salt, and recognizing the complex series of factors that go into any and all of our behaviours. Attachment styles are but a piece of the puzzle, but they’re an important piece and we’ve all got them. Let’s get vulnerable, baby!

We do mention several books on the subject. If you’d like to delve deeper, we recommend these: Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller, The Jealousy Cure by Robert Leahy and Paul Gilbert, and Wired For Dating by Stan Tatkin.

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