69 – I WANT A D*CK (Oral Sex w/ Casey Easton)

If you didn’t consider the title of this episode disclaimer enough, consider yourself DISCLAIMED: this episode is about SEX and we kindly ask that children, prudes, exes and immediate family members steer clear of this one. Now, for the rest of you perverts, are you ever in for a treat! Melody and best bud/former cohost, Sarah Wright, are sitting down with Casey Easton of Erotic Embodiment for the Teach Me Tiger season finale to talk all things ORAL SEX and more! We cover cunnilingus and blowjobs, obvi…but also, we get balls-deep in deep throating, gag-prevention, communication for lubrication, 69ing, dating as a confident grown-ass woman, how to relax and enjoy oral, consent…and then! A real live dick shows up to the party and gives us the penile perspective. What a sexy show, what a hot finale!

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