BONUS 31 – Absence Makes The Art Grow Fonder

We had so much fun last episode, we had to share more. Here is our Patreon Bonus Episode for Absence Makes The Art Grow Fonder. For more bonus material and to support your favourite podcast pals, visit us at patreon.com/teachmetigerpodcast. <3

From Patreon: Melody, Sarah (OG) and Liz (newbie) sit down to have some great chats and explosive gas – I  mean, laughter – in this all-time great bonus epi. There’s a lot of TV chat, but it’s fun, we promise. The gals learn something about Sarah that very few people know! They also discuss youth slang like a bunch of hip octogenarians. What else? Vagina tingles, body shame/positivity, tattooing how-to’s, and the classic Artist’s Temperament. This recording is a fun welcome to Liz, send-off for Sarah and plain old love-in for Melody. #bffs #neighbours4lyfe

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