32 – Buttcoin! (Crypto-Currency w/ Chris Chambers)

WHAT IN THE HELL IS BITCOIN? Great question! Melody’s main man Stan – errr, Chris Chambers, actually – gives us an overview and lesson on the ever-mystifying world of crypto-currencies. What is a digital currency? What’s a blockchain? How does one get into crypto-trading? WILL BITCOIN MAKE MELODY AND CHRIS RICH AND WILL MELODY FINALLY GET HER KITCHEN RENOVATION?? We also dapple in other topics, like Star Trek economics, the Dark Web, Liz’s mom Mary and the Greenland Shark.

You can find Chris doing fish stuff at ottawaaquariums.ca and plant stuff at Brooke Valley Produce on Facebook and Instagram. Liz is at lizzography.com and @lizzouse on Insta. Melody is at melodystarkweather.ca.

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