38 – Coop’s Sister (Roller Derby w/ Louise Cooper)

Oh yeah! It’s Liz’s big sister Louise Cooper, AKA Coop De Loop or Coop Du Jour, and she’s here to have a great time and talk to us about her experiences as one of the original Kingston Roller Derby Girls. She gives us a quick breakdown of the game, tells us how we can get into it ourselves, and reminisces about her own (super badass) derby days. We talk gender, inclusivity, derby names, halftime shows, costumes, injuries and more! Liz also defines “furries” fur any interested parties. Oh yeah, and before we get to any of that, we play a rousing and hilarious game of Icebreakers, which ends in each of us admitting to being “a smelly puddle of urine.”

Find Liz at lizzography.com and Melody at melodystarkweather.ca.

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