COVID Classics – 15 – Cubs On The Loose (Kids w/ Isla, Leon & Penny)

Here we all are, in self isolation, many of us with our kids. And because of this, we took these last couple of weeks off from podcasting, which means, it’s time for a COVID Classic! We present to you, Cubs On The Loose, featuring some of our very favourite kids, talking about kid stuff! We’ve made this one kid-friendly, so you can listen together, although BEWARE – the topic of sex does come up in the podcast. Also, we are sponsored by Just The Tip Handpoke Tattoos. There is an ad upfront, and although it may seem obvious, maybe it’s not: we don’t endorse children getting tattoos. We do however endorse Sarah’s Just The Tips on COVID-19 2020 Fashion in our fresh intro. Enjoy!! <3

Originally aired September 20, 2018.

Don’t be fooled by the “E” for explicit because this one’s PG! We’ve got kids from ages 2-12 joining us in this ep to talk Santa, God (same guy?), colours, being allies, and so much more! These kids will knock your socks off with their wisdom and kindness. If they are the future, we’re in capable (and hilarious) hands. DISCLAIMER: though we’ve bleeped it, S-E-X does come up between about 47:20-50:00.

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