60 – Hirschfeld and His Boyfriends (How the Nazis Robbed Queer History w/ Emmet Cameron)

This week, Melody is joined by co-host Chris Chambers and special guest, Emmet L. F. Cameron, to talk about cool stuff that was happening for queer people in the Weimar Republic, and how the Nazis ruined it, like they ruin everything. Emmet sets the stage with some depictions of the scene in popular culture – Sound of Music or Cabaret, anyone? We learn about key players Magnus Hirschfeld and his two nice boyfriends Karl Giese and Li Shiu Tong. We learn all about the Institute of Sexology, founded in Berlin by Hirschfeld, which carried out super important work in the queer community and beyond. And we learn about how the stupid Nazis and stupid Hitler destroyed much of his work, and murdered many of his friends. And at the end of the story, there’s a more contemporary Canadian connection, which acts as a nice little palette cleanser for that terrible Nazi aftertaste.

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