Ominous Encore – 14 – It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (Ghosts w/ Justine Cruise Campeau) – Part 1

Originally aired Sept. 6, 2018.

Good Golly, this one’s a doozy! This here is the chilling first instalment of our long-awaited ghost ep, featuring our creepiest neighbour Justine Cruise-Campeau, the spooOOoOooky Melody Starkweather, and the totally spooked Sarah Wright. We’ve got YOUR tales of ghosts and ghouls from all walks of the afterlife, not to mention a few harrowing accounts of our own. Grab your protective pendant and a couple Ativan – you’re about to get GHOSTED. I mean scared.

Find Justine at instagram.com/the.lifted.sisters and on youtube.com. Sarah is at instagram.com/justthetiphandpoketattoos and Melody is at melodystarkweather.ca.

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