SUMMER CLASSICS – 17 – Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby – Part 2

Originally aired October 25, 2018.

In this very NSFW episode, the follow-up to last week’s very NSFW episode, we talk about non-monogamy, “sexy time” management, swingers clubs, working through sexual trauma, butt plugs and more (!) with sexpert Casey Easton of Erotic Embodiment. We uncover a lot, and by “uncover,” I mean do a filthy strip-tease.

The bulk of this was recorded with a handheld recorder, so the sound isn’t up to snuff, but we hope you’ll forgive us, since this is such a f*cking good episode. Love you, Tigers!

You can find Casey at www.eroticembodiment.ca or www.caseyeaston.com. Sarah and Melody are at the usual places. Also, friends: we are on Patreon! We’d deeply appreciate it if you could support us for as little as $1/month. Check out www.patreon.com/teachmetigerpodcast. Thank you so much!

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