12 – Chick Chat (Chickens w/ Sarah, Melody & Justine)

Hop into the henhouse, dear listeners, for some Chick Chat and Cock Talk with fan favourite and Number One Fan, Justine Cruise-Campeau! And guess who your chicken experts are this week. You’ll never guess. It’s us! We cover coop setup, the dinosaur connection, best monikers, duck wangs, the cloaca kiss, purring chickens, predator defense and nose pockets. And so much more!

Find Justine and the Lifted Sisters at www.youtube.com/channel/UCVH-kkqLhjkr7X_yLmB5jiw and www.instagram.com/the.lifted.sisters

Find Melody at www.melodystarkweather.ca and Sarah at www.instagram.com/littlewrightcrew.art

Special thanks to our snack sponsors Purest Gluten Free at www.purest.ca

xoxo Melody and Sarah

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