Virus Vittles – 36 – Will You Bee Mine? (Bees & Beekeeping w/ Jacklyn Wright)

Another from the vaults in our homesteady series and this one’s all about BEES! And it’s with Liz Cooper. DON’T YOU LOVE LIZ? Originally aired August 1, 2019.

Buzz buzz! This episode features bee enthusiast, Jacklyn Wright, who not only really cracks up Mel and Liz, but also teaches us all A LOT about bees! Tune in, dear listeners, to learn about Jack’s favourite bee facts, setting up a hive from scratch, how bees make honey, messy and violent bee copulation, saving our pollinators (and save the world) and how to catch a swarm of bees. Oh, and Game of Thrones: Bee Edition.

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Find Liz at lizzography.com and Melody at melodystarkweather.ca.

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