25 – What The Folk? (Folklore/Mythological Creatures w/ Jenna & Kaajuk Kablalik)

This Valentines Day, we bring you romantic tragedies, local lore, northern mythology, and wild personal stories about mysterious beings. Legendary couple Jenna and Kaajuk Kablalik join us for this episode. It’s beautiful. It’s scary. It’s folklore, baby. We discuss the Watson’s Corners Kangaroo, Selkies, Sedna, Shadow People, Sasquatch, the Old Hag, Jackalopes and Wolpertingers. Join our “I Believe In Unicorns Club” and tune in!

For more of Kaajuk, tune into the Dadisode and see his work at instagram.com/kaajuk. Sarah is at instagram.com/justthetiphandpoketattoos and Melody at melodystarkweather.ca. Jenna’s reading in bed.

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