24 – Yes We Cannabis! (Weed w/ Sierra Preece)

Super knowledgable weed enthusiast Sierra Preece joins us in this cannabisode to talk pot. And surprise! Ryan with an ‘Urquhart of Gold’ from Episode 16 joins us too! We talk about Sativa vs. Indica, the history of the term “marijuana,” black market and above-ground cannabis operations, tips on avoiding the munchies, how to get down when you’re flying too high, cannabis research, and our favourite weed jams. Please note that we are located in Ontario, Canada, so when we talk about legalization and the laws around purchasing and consuming cannabis, we are referring to Ontario laws specifically.

For more info on why we don’t say “marijuana” anymore, check out this vid: nowthisnews.com/videos/weed/the-term-marijuana-is-rooted-in-racism

Here are links covering the research we discussed in this episode:





You can find Sierra at instagram.com/preecenator. You can find Sarah at instagram.com/justthetiphandpoketattoos, and Melody at melodystarkweather.ca.

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